about Jon nichols

     As I produce works, I see a common thread that is interwoven throughout.  That common thread is a sense of searching for an identity.  In the process of understanding my identity, my journey has facilitated a wealth of experiences; and though my experiences are personal, I am compelled to share them through my chosen craft.   The medium of film, whether it be still or motion, is my greatest modality for sharing those experiences.


Photo credit: Amy Nichols. 2016

NICHOLS Films, Photography,

& musik

     Identities are complex. They are, therefore, wonderful subjects of focus.  The psychological layers and emotional content of one’s identity provides a storyteller with endless material from which to draw.  Moreover, my identity is multidimensional and ever evolving; and like my identity, my works have many layers.  When writing, I seek ways of incorporating themes that express my own personal struggles.  One must look deeply to understand the significance of my works.  When I finish a piece, I only desire to leave a lasting impression on my viewers–one that leaves them with a sense of inquisition and/or discovery.