NICHOLS Films, Photography,

& musik

Plague Within:

This is a film I wrote, directed, starred in, edited, and functioned as the primary cameraman. The end scene was assisted by a few friends and colleagues. Color correction is yet to be completed. My inspiration for this film was beer, music, and my hair.

Red Kroovy:

I co-wrote and co-directed this film. In this version, I edited and mixed the soundtrack. Additionally, I was the producer and functioned as casting agent.

My Director Reel:

Here are films I either wrote, directed, produced, edited, and/or acted in; and in most cases, I performed all of the aforementioned.  Stay tuned for revisions.


Stuck is a film I wanted to be involved in for the story. Jackie Read wrote the story and I was moved by her vision. Even though I was a crew member on many facets, my primary interest in this film was the character. I wanted to play someone who was extremely vulnerable and real. This film requires further editing on many levels. My goal is to revisit the post process so as to improve the edits, color, and audio. This story deserves to be presented as it was originally intended to be. 

Dead Ringer:

This is a film that was inspired by a short film I saw in the mid 1980s. I directed, starred in, and edited this film. Luke Rihl and Fabio Coelho, a couple of former classmates of mine, were on camera.