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& musik

I am performing this Bach piece on my Robert Boyd Desmond–The Robinson

More of my performances and compositions to come...

I am performing this honkyoku piece on a student model, jiari shakuhachi. It is a composition by Jin Nyodo.

I wrote this piece in 2003. I am playing all guitars. Drums and synth are software based.

This is a gorgeous piece! I will re-record this soon to tighten it up. I was a bit heavy on the rubato; however, I absolutely love the mood this piece elicites. This is also played on my Desmond.

In addition to being a photographer and film maker I am a musician.  I began playing the guitar at a very early age.  Though I am primarily self-taught, I consider my two older brothers (Peter & James) to be my first teachers.  The classical guitar is my leading genre.  Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, and John Williams have had the greatest influences on me.  

As well, I have always had a desire to compose elaborate pieces that make use of various styles.  Notable figures of the rock guitar world such as Randy Rhoads, David Gilmour, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, are among my top influences.  

In 2012, I began studying the Japanese shakuhachi.  My teacher is New Jersey based Glenn Shouyuu Swann.  It is arguably the most complex of instruments, and the most difficult to master. I certainly have many years to go before attaining mastery with the instrument.

In addition to the aforementioned instruments, I play the drum set, a variety of Latin and African hand drums, the piano, the harmonica, and side-blown flutes.     

Below are a few pieces that I have either composed or performed.

Murasaki Reibo is a favorite Honkyoku piece for me. It is my first recording of this piece. This is also a Jin Nyodo Composition. This track was recorded in Storm Paul's basement studio. He is an aspiring audio engineer and friend of mine. This is a raw audio file. In other words, no mastering has been done.